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Common Questions About Car Leasing in NYC

There are a lot of questions that can arise from anyone about the process that is auto leasing. More specifically, these questions can be directed towards our auto leasing company. While all of your questions are answered with as much honesty as possible, some of these can become quite repetitive. After all, most customers usually have the same questions, just worded differently. You can always call our hotline on 718-879-8841 and ask our agents these things. However, it would be easier for you to sort it out on your own, without going through the hassle of making a call. Because of this, we have a few of the questions that our customers usually ask us answered right here in our FAQ. This is done so that your task will be easier for you and when you call us you can get right to the leasing part.

What support do I get after leasing the car?

None at all. This is what most auto leasing companies give in terms of technical and general support after you have got a lease car from them. No matter how attractive their lease terms and rates may seem, if the service is bad, you are going to have a tough time. Why go through all this, when at Best Lease Car you can get the most comprehensive customer support in the whole of NYC without having to even ask for it? All you need to do is lease the car from our auto leasing agency and we will help you through everything else. No matter how small the problem is, we are always here to help you out with it so that you will be able to keep your lease car and your mind in tip top shape throughout the period of your auto lease contract. With this in mind, come find us and talk to us so that you can get the best service on the East Coast.

How does the returning of my car work?

At Best Lease Car we try to make all of our procedures as hassle-free as possible. This means that you will be able to return your car at the end of the lease period without having to go through the usual trouble you would get. Most car leasing companies in NYC try to make it as difficult as possible. While it may seem like this is intentional, it probably isn’t. They don’t mean to be mean to you, it’s just how they work. However, the lease return policy at our auto leasing company is one of the most comprehensive anywhere. You can always be sure of getting the best service upon the return of your lease that you have ever experienced.

If you have any other questions about the process of leasing a car here at our car leasing company, feel free to call us up on 718-879-8841. Our agents are always here and ready to talk to you, so that you can have all your doubts cleared.


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